4000 Holes Round Table Show Debuts

Thursday, 2 March 2023

4,000 Holes, the long-time favourite fanzine of every Rovers supporter has just released the debut episode of its latest sister-podcast show ‘The Round Table’.


Producer & Host Ian Herbert described it as “being influenced by Danny Baker’s stint on FiveLive’s 606 show, the sorts of conversations you might have with your mates in the pub before the game and every single pub quiz you’ve ever entered..!”

The debut episode ponders a number of conversational gambits, all of them about the topics that are right at the top of every single Rovers fan's agenda... if your mind works in mysterious ways that is…

Subjects discussed in the first episode involve: 

1. Footballers that should have played for Rovers but never did (includes discussions about property in Wilpshire) 

2. The Rovers Gobsh*te XI - who would you have nominated?  

3. Rovers Museum Curation - the artefacts that the panel would offer up from their personal collections 

4. Name That Rover - a quiz shamelessly plagiarising a format now discarded by The Football Ramble

5. Why 4,000 Holes? - a chat with Scott Sumner, editor of 4,000 Holes 

The inaugural panel of Louis Gee, Stuart Grimshaw, Ryan Hildred, Katharine McNamara & Michael Taylor are not shy in coming forward with their nominations. 

Feedback on the panel’s selections can be given by contacting @brfcsdotcom on Twitter or by contributing to the podcast thread on the forum at www.BRFCS.com.


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