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Monday, 24 July 2023

4,000 Holes is returning in 2023/24 with four new issues planned. Subscriptions are now available.

For just £10 (which includes UK postage), you will receive the next four issues (109 to 112). 

Issue 109 will be a Special Edition as part of the 'fan takeover day' for the Rovers v Girona pre-season friendly on Saturday 29th July. Previous subscribers are already due to receive Issue 109 - therefore there is the option to get a reduction on the subscription for anyone renewing for this season.

Meanwhile Issue 111 is due to be a 'Nineties Special', to follow on from the hugely popular 2000-10 Special and 2010-20 Special from the last couple of years. 

Please use the following link to order:


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