500 Words after Rotherham (h)

Sunday, 9 October 2022

Three goals, three points and three home wins in a row. What more could you want from Saturday afternoon? Reverting back to a back five seemed to work well for Rovers. The difference in performance compared to Tuesday night was astonishing with JDT's side pulling out possibly one of the best performances this season. 

Continuing the run of inconsistency means Rovers are still to draw this season. Super Tyrhys Dolan came off the bench and made an almost instant impact creating the third goal, and there was a cameo appearance from fan favourite Bradley Dack accompanied by a return to the matchday squad for ‘one of our own’ Adam Wharton. 

Reverting to five at the back, after switching it up and going with a four midweek away at Cardiff, would have been what many Rovers faithful wanted when Rotherham came to town. The performance certainly showed why! Scott Wharton played an impressive part in the defensive display after being dropped from the starting XI in the previous fixture. He was as solid as ever, bailing the side out many times especially in the first 45. 

A change in shape also evidently sparked a change in performance from the midweek misery. There seemed to be so much more energy out on the pitch especially in the second half. A great way to bounce back from the extremely lethargic and disappointing performance. 

A third home win in as many fixtures at Ewood would make you think Rovers have become fairly consistent, wouldn't it? However, still yet to draw, seven wins and six losses says exactly the opposite. Putting a run together is something that has been discussed many times this season, by fans, players and JDT himself in interviews. But it is proving easier said than done. Winning the majority of home games and struggling on the road is the recurring theme this season, with the odd exception, such as Bristol at home and Blackpool away. 

The use of substitutes played a big part in the game with the introduction of Dolan giving a helping hand in putting the game to bed almost instantly, as well as the addition of George Hirst to run at tired legs and see the game out late on. 

Rovers' Number 23 also got several minutes in the dying embers of the game - a player who has sparked many debates amongst Rovers fans across social media over the last few weeks. Many fans think that Dack is the answer to several issues that occur when the side are not quite performing to the standards expected and set in other games. 

With derby day approaching, and another local match midweek away at Wigan, now surely would be a great time to find some form and get firing up into the playoff spots. The atmosphere around the ground suggests that many Rovers fans are well aware Burnley away is almost upon us, with a no doubt exciting month to go before the World Cup break.


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