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Tuesday, 14 May 2024

“We were in the lead for such a long time and then our lead was getting smaller and smaller,” recalls Henning Berg. “Were we going to throw it away? Were we able to hold on? If we hadn’t won that year then I think some psychologists would have had quite a lot of work after that!” 

Many things were not quite right at Anfield on Sunday 14th May 1995. After heroics in green and red keeper jerseys all season, Tim Flowers suddenly appeared wearing a bright yellow top for the first time. Tim Sherwood had trimmed his wild mane despite previously stating that he wasn’t getting his hair cut out of superstition. 

Meanwhile, David Batty had bizarrely cut the whole collar off his shirt. And during the match, 37-goal Alan Shearer blazed a sitter over the bar from 10 yards out, which would’ve put Rovers back in front. Had Alex Ferguson's mind games affected Rovers?

When Jamie Redknapp whipped in a wonderful injury time free-kick to give Liverpool a 2-1 lead, Rovers’ fate was completely out of their hands and the title could’ve been blown despite leading the Premiership since November. The cameras immediately cut to the desperately worried away end. Andy Jones, bottom right, spoke for us all when he could be seen clearly blurting out the biggest “FUCKING HELL!” anyone has ever uttered. 

The WORST few seconds followed, before the news filtered through from Upton Park that Manchester United had only managed a draw. Players celebrated on the pitch before the match had even finished. Rovers were Champions of England for the first time in 81 years.


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