Rovers Inc. - A Brand New Show From The 4000 Holes podcast

Wednesday 3 July 2024

A new Rovers show launches today as part of the 4000 Holes podcast stable - Rovers Inc. 

This new show will aim to look behind the scenes at what is going on off the field at Ewood Park. Stepping away from the Saturday 3pm  (or Friday 8pm, Sunday 12pm…!) headlines, Rovers Inc will analyse the latest news when it comes to the club’s finances, how the club is run from a corporate governance perspective and the role of senior leadership at the club, from those based at Ewood to the owners in India. 

To say it has been a turbulent time off the pitch over the past 12 months (years) would be an understatement. Disagreements over the direction of the club have spilled over into the public against the backdrop of funding issues from the ownership and a concerning set of accounts which highlight “material uncertainty” over the club’s future finances. The club had a brief experiment with a Director of Football model, and now seems to have moved away from it. 

Why? What impact will this have going forward?

What happens off the pitch has a direct impact come kick-off time, in many different forms. From the players we can sign, those we need to sell, how the team is managed, and the relationship between the commercial side and football side of the club. In order for us fans to hold those in charge accountable, we need to unpick what is happening and put the pieces together.

If you want to learn more about what is going on at Rovers then tune into Rovers Inc where we will be looking at all these issues and more, as we bid to educate, entertain and inform when it comes to the business side of Rovers. 

Click HERE to listen to the first episode.




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