RYAN NYAMBE: 200 (0)

Friday, 15 April 2022

Ryan Nyambe is set to make his 200th Rovers appearance in all competitions against Peterborough on Friday, a superb milestone for the Namibian international at the age of just 24.

However, while he has developed into a key part of the team in recent years, there has been one thing noticeably missing from his career so far – a goal.

Despite finding himself in increasingly adventurous forward positions this season, Nyambe has not yet found the net to allow frenzied scenes of celebration.

Chris Price and Mark Atkins had a knack of grabbing many goals from right back in the 1980s, while even Lucas Neill took a couple of penalties in an attempt to bolster his goal record.

But with his contract situation unresolved, there remains a distinct possibility that Nyambe may join the ranks of players who never scored in their time at Ewood. 

Assuming Nyambe does play against Peterborough without grabbing a goal, below is the list of outfield players with the most appearances for Rovers who never got on the scoresheet. As might be expected, all are defenders.

Those with lucky one-goal escapes include 1950s defender Willie Kelly (202 appearances), full-back Mick Heaton (190) and Jason Lowe (196), who fired in a rocket against Middlesbrough.

Meanwhile, Jeff Kenna’s single during the 1994/95 Championship run-in is perhaps the most important from all of the solitary goal scorers. He played 194 matches for the club.

1Arthur Cowell1905–22306
2Billy Wilson1963–72277
3Herbert Jones1925–34262
4Ken Taylor1950–64233
5Jimmy Gorman1929–37225
6Ryan Nyambe2015– 200*
7Tom Wylie1921–26191
8Ron Suart1949–55187
9Bob Roxburgh1924–31128
10Jimmy McKinnell1920–26124



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