Sound Of The Season - 1994/5 with Ian Moore

Friday, 25 March 2022

It’s the one we’ve been waiting to record and finally we track down a celebrity guest to give us his unique take on the glory that was 1994/5.

We are delighted to be joined by comedian, author and “flaneur” - it’s explained - Ian Moore, live from his idyllic, rural B&B in beautiful French countryside. Hear how the fledgling media runner started writing and then performing, assaulted an audience member and got engaged….not in the same evening it has to be said.


Learn how he recruited his own corps of bodyguards in a Kennington pub to protect him from angry Man Utd fans as the title destiny was determined.

It was a joy to record and is a joy to listen, so download it, plump up a cushion, sit yourself down and have good old reminisce about the finest season in modern Rovers history.

Many thanks to Ian and to Michael Taylor in helping to bring this to fruition.


Stream or Download here:-



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