4000 Holes

That All-Purpose Tony Mowbray Press Conference Template in Full...

Saturday, 10 July 2021

Missed the pre-match presser at Brockhall? Need 500 words to fill a column/blog/opinion piece? 

No fear just use our handy “Cut Out & Keep” Tony Mowbray Press Conference Template and worry no more.

Instructions select from the italicised options below by means of a coin toss or a dice roll and your piece is as good as filed. Trebles all round.

Recent results have of course been pretty   mediocre/mixed/good   

With a bit more   luck/effort/ruthlessness

We could have had a few more   goals/points/clean sheets   

Were it not for the   referee/spate of injuries/suspensions   

We could have been in  a higher position/a better frame of mind/clover

<Name of next opponent here> are a    very difficult opponent/not to be under estimated/to be respected at all costs

This weekend we will look to line up   3 at the back/4 at the back/5 at the back

The injured lads are  coming along nicely/making progress/back on the grass

Having Bradley Dack back will be like   having a new signing/great news for the lad/a nice problem to have

Harry Chapman is   a bit behind the group/not ready yet/making my judgement look a bit shaky right now

My relationship with  Arma/Dacky/Darragh epitomises the fact that all the lads are equals in my eyes

You have to respect   the honesty of the group/the effort the lads put in/your elders

You really can’t beat   a team defending like that/scoring early/a chicken parmo

Conceding a late goal like that is   frustrating/frustraating/frustraaating

4000 Holes

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