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This week on Twitter, Wrong answers only.

Monday, 2 May 2022

Everyone's talking about who's likely to be the next Blackburn manager so we asked our followers on Twitter the same question, but only accepted wrong answers!

Lets get the obvious answers out of the way first, as Eoin M O'Neachtain indeed did, straight in with Steve Kean, Derek and Mostafa Elsaban were quick to follow up with Sean Dyche and not wanting to be left out, Connor went with Ben Mee.

Another proven leader who might be looking for a new job before the season kicks off, but we really need someone available straight away to start the rebuilding work.

Turnstile magazine suggested Peter Kay … I mean Paul Jewell

If Wrexham can have a celebrity owner then maybe we can be the first club with a celebrity manager, Simon Fish would like to see 

Finally, and most confusingly for this author, David Robinson came up with the suggestions of …

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