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Ep 152 - BRFCS Does A Rovers Fighting Talk...again

Our loving tribute to the BBC show Fighting Talk

Ep 151 - The Only Show In Town

No Nay Never and much more

Ep 150 - All For Rio With Tommy Spurr


Ep 149 - How Are We Gonna Do ?

Panel Predictions Proliferate

Ep 148 - A Club With Tradition

Rovers history through the ages !

Ep 147 - Biryani & Worthy's

A Unique Combination of Curry & Cardiff...

Ep 146 - Steve Waggott's Year-End Appraisal

For Finance Nerds Everywhere...!

Ep 145 - People Talking About Stuff

The Last Pod of 2021 - packed with nutritious goodness...probably.

Ep 144 - We Need To Tour Chile Next Summer

The one where BRFCS Meets Tez Ilyas

Ep 143 - Wish We Could Turn Back Time To The Good Old Days

The end of season review podcast you have been waiting for...