The 'What Now?' Show - Failure Is An Orphan

Friday 12 April 2024

In this episode of the 'What Now?' Show - recorded before the Bristol City game - perhaps just as well - the panel convenes to discuss 

  • Whether John Eustace is the right man to take the club forward next season?
  • Promotion and Relegation Battles usually bring out the superstitions, with manager John Eustace himself admitting he didn't wear his hat against Sunderland to try and gain that extra bit of luck. What superstitions do the panel have?
  • March player of the month. A wider talk on the player of the season, but also some unsung performers. Leaving aside Sam Szmodics, who else deserves a mention when it comes to the end of season awards?

Roger Whiteside asks the questions; the answers are provided by Mike Delap, Ian Herbert, Rich Sharpe & Michael Taylor.


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