The 'What Now?' Show - The Team Of Short Names

Friday 3 May 2024

It's the end of the season ("as we know it...") as REM might have wished that they'd sung.

It all still hangs in the balance and so the panel of Hollie Hawkesford, Ian Herbert, Ryan Hildred & Rich Sharpe - expertly prompted as usual by host Roger Whiteside - consider :-

1. How are we all feeling ahead of the final match? What about all of the permutations, percentages, scenarios?

2. Who shoulders most of the blame for Rovers predicament this season? Jon Dahl Tomasson, John Eustace, Venkys troubles in India, poor recruitment, sloppiness in January? What would you change first ahead of next season, no matter which Division?

3. April Player of the Month, Fans Forum concerns, new EFL TV deal and potential impact on season tickets the Podcast Extra - a public admission of defeat about away fans at Ewood and a quiz question!



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