The ‘What Now ?’ Show - Big Old End Of Season Review - Ep 2

Sunday 28 May 2023

There are two episodes of the ‘Big Old End Of Season Review’ simply because there was so much ground to cover.

The panelists; Ian, James, Linz, Matt, Roger & Ryan discuss the following :-

In Episode 1 

Part 1 - Season Highlight - what made your heart glow with pride this last season ? What was our season low ? What match (or specific incident) makes you squirm as you remember it ?

Part 2 - The Verdicts -

JDT end of term report

Gregg Broughton end of term report


In Episode 2 

Part 1 - The departures of the three amigos

Part 2 - “If I was in charge of Rovers, I would…”



Additional contributions during the episodes from our predictor of the year, Jay Laisne from @NYCRovers, @BillCArthur & @KakaTheTiger (Katharine McNamara).

Big thank you to @Nerdphonic (Matthew Hall) for all his expert professional voice artistry help in sending us some terrific jingles & idents to use all season.






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