The Round Table Show - The One Where We Went To Brockhall

Wednesday, 20 December 2023

The match against Watford on Saturday 23rd December is once again #FanTakeover day.


As part of the day's events, 4000 Holes was invited to Brockhall in order to interview players Dom Hyam, Sammie Szmodics, Harry Pickering, Harry Leonard, Adam Wharton, Sondre Tronstad & the manager himself - Jon-Dahl Tomasson.

We explored various Christmas themes, childhood memories, first kits/heroes and family customs - the questions were posed by Ian Herbert & Roger Whiteside.

Thanks to everyone at the club for their willing and enthusiastic help - especially Rob Gill.

Buy your Watford tickets HERE Rovers fans and support the team as best you can.


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