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Man of the Match

Man of the Match versus Bournemouth,

Find out who's perforamce earned them the final home Man of the Match, supported by RoversTrust

Social Media

This week on Twitter, Wrong answers only.

We asked our Twitter followers who they'd like to see at Ewood, but they could only give wrong answers ...


Farking Hell!

Having handled the departure of the incumbent in a manner even Ealing would have considered too farcical to film ... asks “Next please!”

Delap's Derbies

They Played For Both Rovers & The Cherries

How Many Can You Name ? #DelapsDerbies

Man of the Match

Man of the Match vs Preston

After a long awaited return to form, who have you picked as Man of the Match, supported by @RoversTrust


If I Hadn't Seen Such Riches…

Could I Live With Being Poor ?


RYAN NYAMBE: 200 (0)

The search for an elusive goal as Ryan Nyambe reaches a double century of appearances. Who holds the #Rovers record for never scoring?

Rovers Miscellany


Thomas Kaminski supplied a superb raking pass for Sam Gallagher's goal on Saturday. Here's a rundown of some other assists by keepers

Press Release

Rovers Trust Urges Owners To Engage

Venkys; "Football's ultimate absent owners" says Trust

Man of the Match

Man Of The Match v Blackpool

Who Topped The BRFCS Poll (supported by Rovers Trust) ?

Man of the Match

Man of the Match vs Coventry

Who won the Man of the Match award against Coventry, as voted by our readers, and supported by @RoversTrust ?


No Tangerine Dream At Ewood

Play Off Push Petering Out

4000 Holes

4,000 Holes: Issue 104 is here!

Issue 104 of 4,000 Holes is out now as #Rovers target a play-off place. Details and how to order here...



On this day in 1994, #Rovers beat Man United 2-0 with a classic Alan Shearer double. Some rare cuttings here...



It was 21 years ago today when #Rovers made fools of Burnley. Here's how the day was reported…